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Waiting for spring

The ground’s littered with those prickly seed pods from the sweetgum trees, but the magnolia buds are swelling, and today we spotted our first crocus!

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On his usual perch

Lately this particular squirrel (I guessed) has been spending time in this particular spot, visible with the sun behind him, catching my eye during my after-breakfast cup of tea. But is it the same squirrel? Another shot, a slightly different … Continue reading

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Icy Rappahannock River at Fredericksburg

From the little unnamed fishermen’s park on River Road in Stafford, looking at sunset across the icy Rappahannock River towards Old Town, Fredericksburg, Virginia.

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Icy Occoquan

Boat dock at Mamie Davis Park, Occoquan, Virginia, after lunch January 11th, 2018

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Jammer in from the cold

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Tufted titmouse

At our kitchen window New Year’s Eve.

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The long and winding road

I blew off ¼” of dry loose snow with the leaf blower (fearing an expected spell of cold weather might turn it to ice). We did get a week of cold weather, but the white tire tracks evaporated in about … Continue reading

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The duck tape man

At Erin and Sheara’s

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Alex and the snowball-maker

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Davey and the basketball

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