Cora likes making selfies

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Biking Mount Vernon to Gravelly Point & back

Ate our sandwiches at the foot of the National Airport runway, with the 14th Street Bridge, Jefferson Memorial, and Washington Monument behind us (but somehow failed to get a plane taking off into the frame).

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Made in Scotland

The red cast iron phone booth outside the Stafford, Virginia, county admin building celebrates the Stafford-to-Stafford friendship, but it was actually a product of Scotland.

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Running past the weeds

On a morning run at Willowmere Park I passed a stunning display of thistles. I walked back for a closer look and found more to see than just weeds. The hummingbird moth was a bonus but the bindweed so entranced me I failed to focus on the last of the pokeweed berries, although they’re a favorite sight for me since Harold S told me about them. Don’t know what the puffballs are.

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Rhys’s Christening

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At Rachel & Dave’s

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At Dad’s on Gareth’s birthday weekend

Gareth’s shot of all present:

Then a long, gray drive home. After 90 minutes east to Altoona, here I started south.

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Making use of the new driveway

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A few summer flowers

In July, some from the garden, some from the roadside:

Black-Eyed Susan


Queen Anne's Lace

Hibiscus syriacus

Smooth sumac

Tall Phlox, Cornflower, Black-Eyed Susan, Mimosa, Queen Anne’s Lace, Rose of Sharon, Smooth Sumac

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Precision Paving

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