At Owen’s birthday party April 30th 2015

At Export April 19th 2015
Camera 360

Wena’s page holder (4/19/2015 at Export)

None of us could remember what this is, so I asked on Facebook. Our friend Jean B knew, and now I realize Mum must have had it for holding a book open.

Biofix seen at Export April 19th 2015

Cora’s Christening, St Pauls, Haymarket, Virginia, 3/15/2015

Dad’s bread-slicing jig still in use at Export 1/24/2015

Created years ago using push rods from an engine because Dad couldn’t slice bread straight enough for Mum’s satisfaction.

Uncle Dick (on the wall in Dad’s bedroom 1/24/2015)
1-2015-01-24 13.32.41

Visiting Snooks at her son’s house in Stafford (Jan 4th 2015)
1-2015-01-04 15.43.39

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