From the kitchen window December 4th. It’s been years since bluebirds have been a common sight at our house, but I’d had a few possible sightings recently, so I ran for the camera when I saw this opportunity. They didn’t hang around for a second shot, unlike our many squirrels . . .

Snow day

5½” on the patio table, and 14F at 7am. By 9am the sun started to poke through the clouds, and a flock of goldfinches were jockying for position on the feeder. Then we spotted this stranger — the female bluebird maybe?

Bluebird at the box

Our Wildview camera’s video of a bluebird at the bluebird box 21 May 2011, 4:23pm. Only a week ago we though this box was occupied by chickadee chicks. After Youtube starts, you can activate the full-screen option by clicking an icon in lower right which looks like one of these: