Hyperion Run resumes

Clickable photo by Sam Alty, after the run. Hyperion Espresso is in the middle building.

After weeks of the coronavirus crisis, Fredericksburg Area Running Club’s weekly 8am Saturday six-mile fun run resumed on June 13th, with (for the first time) a few rules. We had to bring page-and-a-half signed waivers, and were told to wear masks while gathering before and after the run (although not necessarily during the run). While the photo does seem to show more-or-less social distancing, only a minority of participants wore masks during the gathering periods.

Dahlgren Heritage Rail Trail ½ Marathon

The start of the DHRT Half-Marathon has a few hundred yards of rails, a restored ancient wooden caboose, a decrepit freight car, and “The Rocket”, a working railway pumper cart. Race volunteers use it as a moving platform for photographing the runners approaching the finish. See this moving illustration. Among the Fredericksburg Area Runners Club members who finished the race this day was Vic Culp, longtime director, in black hat at back.

Hyperion run flooded: Heritage Trail under water

Above, photo by Sarah of Joanne and me on Fall Hill Drive, Fredericksburg, Virginia, midway through the regular Saturday 6-miler from Hyperion Espresso. (The trail is on the far side of that guard rail.) And below, a police officer’s photo from the opposite side of the river that day, on River Road at the entry to Falmouth Beach.