Keeping the facts straight

Here is Jupiter, from the bottom of the garden at Sunset Corner, home of Uncle Hughie, Auntie Ceturah, John, Chris, and Ruth. (Photos kindly sent this week by Helen.) I must have been told as a child who it was, but over the years I somehow remembered it as Karl Marx. At some point I must have wondered aloud what Marx was doing at the bottom of that garden. Now furnishing hard evidence setting me straight is Helen, below, with a group of her colleagues in Highgate Cemetery, Islington. Thank you, Helen!


On July 6th, Tim introduced Owen to the craft brewing industry:

The bridge from Bethany Beach to Rehoboth, Delaware:

One of the last of this year’s the stargazer lilies, last weekend at home:

Rose of Sharon this morning:

Old railroad station at The Plains, Virginia, July 14th:

Connellsville B&O Station June 22nd:

Northern Magnolias

At home, about 8am Saturday, 9 April 2011, after a cold, drizzy night at the end of a week with both warm and cool days, some strong wind, and at least one brief spell of heavy rain. (Through the winter, we have to surround these trees with 5′ wire fencing to save their large, fuzzy buds from the deer.)

Below, a few shots of the same from Monday afternoon this week.

Here’s a reference to, on what looks like the same plant.