Biking despite virus crisis

June 19, Trudy & me after 5 hours and 34 bumpy miles on Dahlgren Heritage Rail Trail.
June 19, DHRT, mid-trail, by Trudy H. Notice discarded RR ties/sleepers on right.
Early June 2020, water scene by Bob Pawlak from the DHRT, maybe around mile 15.
June 10, 18 miles, VCR Trail end: me, Trudy, Carol, Bob K, Leslie, Joanne. Missing: Janice.
June 2, 15 miles, Lee Drive and VCR Trail: Edwin, Trudy, and (not shown), Leslie and Bob K.
May 25th: Trudy, me, David, Leslie, Joanne: Bealeton, 25 miles, 2 hours, 12.6 mph.

High Bridge Trail, Farmville, Virginia

Edwin, Randy, Bonnie, Trudy. We left Farmville about 10:30am, biked east about 15 miles at a leisurely pace to our picnic at the abrupt end of the trail in the woods near Burkeville. Then back, stopping here and there when we felt like it, including here at the bridge about 3:15pm.
Here’s a photo of the bridge displayed by