Dad’s birthday weekend

With Nick and Judy, Gareth and Nancy, we celebrated Dad’s birthday on what was coincidentally Memorial Day Weekend. Dad and I had a walk in Duff Park one day and Beaver Run the next, where we noticed an exceptionally large tulip poplar tree. Didn’t take many pictures this weekend, and only saved these six:

David’s 95th birthday weekend

familygroup5x7-3888Above and the next two photos were taken by Elspeth. Old 95 Sweet and Strong Ale was specially brewed by Tim to celebrate David’s 95th birthday. Sandy took the first four in the bottom row, and Elspeth the last one. Click to enlarge or start the slideshow.

Joyce-Frost-with-David-3885 Gareth-Dylan-and-Nicholas-on-keyboard-3899 Anna-was-first-of-17-to-dinner-02 Old-95-sweet-and-strong.Presented-by-Cora-03 Old-95-Extra-Special-Strong-Ale-50
setting-out-0386 Walking-the-walk-0388 the-long-view-0391 Dylan-the-happy-hiker-0393 on-the-bench-0402
Anna-Dylan-Cora-4x5- David-and-Nick-musicians-4x5- David-and-sons-4x5- David-and-Gareth-4x5- Tim-and-Owen-and-the-thunder-diesel-4x5-