Primary election day

Our sinister Hartwood Precinct ready to open, 6am June 23rd: Judy Feather, Heather Smithson, Debbie Bittinger, Amy Gardner, Robert Bady, Electoral Board Secretary Gloria Chittum, Edwin Ridout. The wearing of masks was just one of almost a dozen extra precautions we had to take against the corona virus. The overwhelming majority of voters wore masks too. We conducted a “dual primary”, really two separate events, but together counted 588 ballots. Of these, 215 were to help choose a Democratic candidate to oppose a Republican incumbent US Congressman of the first congressional district, and 373 were to help choose a Republican candidate to oppose an incumbent Democratic US Senator of Virginia.

Biking despite virus crisis

June 19, Trudy & me after 5 hours and 34 bumpy miles on Dahlgren Heritage Rail Trail.
June 19, DHRT, mid-trail, by Trudy H. Notice discarded RR ties/sleepers on right.
Early June 2020, water scene by Bob Pawlak from the DHRT, maybe around mile 15.
June 10, 18 miles, VCR Trail end: me, Trudy, Carol, Bob K, Leslie, Joanne. Missing: Janice.
June 2, 15 miles, Lee Drive and VCR Trail: Edwin, Trudy, and (not shown), Leslie and Bob K.
May 25th: Trudy, me, David, Leslie, Joanne: Bealeton, 25 miles, 2 hours, 12.6 mph.

Hyperion Run resumes

Clickable photo by Sam Alty, after the run. Hyperion Espresso is in the middle building.

After weeks of the coronavirus crisis, Fredericksburg Area Running Club’s weekly 8am Saturday six-mile fun run resumed on June 13th, with (for the first time) a few rules. We had to bring page-and-a-half signed waivers, and were told to wear masks while gathering before and after the run (although not necessarily during the run). While the photo does seem to show more-or-less social distancing, only a minority of participants wore masks during the gathering periods.