Cora and the chocolate trifle

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From the kitchen window December 4th. It’s been years since bluebirds have been a common sight at our house, but I’d had a few possible sightings recently, so I ran for the camera when I saw this opportunity. They didn’t hang around for a second shot, unlike our many squirrels . . .

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All aboard the Polar Express

Above photos by Elsp/Erin/Sandy/Tim? Below by Elspeth (1 & 3) and Sandy (2). The hot chocolate itself didn’t inspire much enthusiasm but Rhys hung onto the cup for the rest of the journey.

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Fall visit to Dad’s

Pre-Thanksgiving: photos by Beth, Elspeth, Erin, Sandy

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Cora likes making selfies

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Biking Mount Vernon to Gravelly Point & back

Ate our sandwiches at the foot of the National Airport runway, with the 14th Street Bridge, Jefferson Memorial, and Washington Monument behind us (but somehow failed to get a plane taking off into the frame).

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Made in Scotland

The red cast iron “K6” phone booth outside our Stafford County admin building celebrates Stafford-to-Stafford friendships. Its origin, a product of Kirkintilloch, Scotland, is as a gift  to the county by the Rotary Club, after their member and our late friend Rev Joseph Kerr spotted it in an antique shop in Richmond, 80 miles away. Rotarians in Stafford, UK, helped find parts needed for its renovation. Here are Bruce H’s London “K6” phone booths, borrowed from Facebook:

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Running past the weeds

On a morning run at Willowmere Park I passed a stunning display of thistles. I walked back for a closer look and found more to see than just weeds. The hummingbird moth was a bonus but the bindweed so entranced me I failed to focus on the last of the pokeweed berries, although they’re a favorite sight for me since Harold S told me about them. Don’t know what the puffballs are.

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Rhys’s Christening

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At Rachel & Dave’s

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