A fine spring morning

The twin magnolias on May 1st above, versus April 4th below
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Stafford County history

I spent some time here sitting in a traffic jam yesterday at the Falmouth light, and realized I don’t remember ever noticing this building before. Apparently it’s an important bit of the history of Old Falmouth Village: an African-American church just outside the officially designated historic district.

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Dahlgren Heritage Rail Trail Half-Marathon

Thanks Greg G for pics from Fredericksburg Runners Club Facebook page.

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Snowy morning

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Monday’s 26-mile bike ride

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Canal path, Fredericksburg

Part of an icy Saturday morning Hyperion run, Leslie & Tony heading towards 1st Christian church spire
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Today’s Saturday morning run

Fredericksburg photo by Christine Weisman at the start of this morning’s Hyperion run: Princess Anne Street looking sourth towards Saint George’s Church, the old Renwick courthouse, the new courthouse in the distance, and both Venus and Jupiter above.
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Visible means of some port

from Facebook, 1/23/2019
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Colonial Williamsburg

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Election Day

John & Lois Steiner, Vance Corbett, Judy Miller, Judy Feather, Bob Jankovits, and visiting electoral board secretary Gloria Chittum. I used the self-timer but failed to bring a suitable tripod. Five minutes afterwards began our 13-hour shift serving 3,070 voters, about 236 per hour, or four per minute. We often had short lines, but nobody had to wait more than a few minutes.

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