The long and winding road

I blew off ¼” of dry loose snow with the leaf blower (fearing an expected spell of cold weather might turn it to ice). We did get a week of cold weather, but the white tire tracks evaporated in about a day.

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The duck tape man

At Erin and Sheara’s

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Alex and the snowball-maker

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Davey and the basketball

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Cora and the chocolate trifle

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From the kitchen window December 4th. It’s been years since bluebirds have been a common sight at our house, but I’d had a few possible sightings recently, so I ran for the camera when I saw this opportunity. They didn’t hang around for a second shot, unlike our many squirrels . . .

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All aboard the Polar Express

Above photos by Elsp/Erin/Sandy/Tim? Below by Elspeth (1 & 3) and Sandy (2). The hot chocolate itself didn’t inspire much enthusiasm but Rhys hung onto the cup for the rest of the journey.

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Fall visit to Dad’s

Pre-Thanksgiving: photos by Beth, Elspeth, Erin, Sandy

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Cora likes making selfies

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Biking Mount Vernon to Gravelly Point & back

Ate our sandwiches at the foot of the National Airport runway, with the 14th Street Bridge, Jefferson Memorial, and Washington Monument behind us (but somehow failed to get a plane taking off into the frame).

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