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Biking Mount Vernon to Gravelly Point & back

Ate our sandwiches at the foot of the National Airport runway, with the 14th Street Bridge, Jefferson Memorial, and Washington Monument behind us (but somehow failed to get a plane taking off into the frame).

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Drinking lunch on the Blue Ridge

At the Fox Meadow Winery, Linden, Virginia, with our friends Jim Charest and Linda Beville. It may be way up in the mountains, but the winery is not short of neighbors, hidden away in the trees:

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Jan and Marty at Harwill

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Our Pittsburgh/Niagara trip

Our wine tasting road trip to Pittsburgh, Erie, Niagara, and Lake Chautauqua, is described here: The Venango Line

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Wilton Woods to Huntley Meadows Park and back

At the half-way point of our six-miler on my final day at work. Mario V. in red, Peter F. in black. There was a great blue heron standing to the left of the beaver lodge but he must have been too … Continue reading

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Retirement lunch at Paradiso

 Tim M, Mike F, Matt M, Bethany, Maya K, Bonnie I, Tariq, Sayantan, Jaye, Edwin, Jeff, Mike B, Teresa, Peggy, Shah T, Keith W, and seated Susan, Randy, Lindsay.   Dawn C, Cathy C, Tim M, Mike F, Matt, Bethany, … Continue reading

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Losing my lunchtime running buddy at end of next month

Survivors of two consecutive 5km lunchtime runs with temperature at 95F/35C. PF achieved a major midlife triumph last month upon acquisition of the Mazda Miata.

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With Ed, Loretta, and Amber

With Ed, Loretta, and Amber, at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts in Richmond. Those are the Chuhuly Red Reeds (see story), as also seen in 2010 at the Kennedy Center. The Robinson House is beyond.

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Play ball!

Nationals 3, Mets 2 The winning final moments of the Washington Nationals/New York Mets baseball game Tuesday night. Charlie says he can just make out the ball, a tiny white smudge beyond third base. It does look as though there’s … Continue reading

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Dinner with Jan, Marty, and Cory

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