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St David’s Day

Sandy surprised me with this first daffodil — I’d said none were out yet.

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Spring skips a day or two

Less than an inch here. The Neeleys got two feet in NW Pennsylvania.

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Bright sun early but snow forecast

All those pink buds turned black two nights later when we went down to 24 degrees.

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St David’s Day

March 1st 2017, a drizzly morning after several days of unseasonably warm weather.

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Admiring the daffodils

I was surprised the squirrel would be so bold as to stand still there while I got closer with the camera. Since we lost Cadbury they’ve had no worries, as Roxie generally can’t be bothered to chase them. But yesterday, … Continue reading

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Our first miniature daffodils

Our first miniature daffodils opened yesterday, in time for a good soak today.

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