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Icy Rappahannock River at Fredericksburg

From the little unnamed fishermen’s park on River Road in Stafford, looking at sunset across the icy Rappahannock River towards Old Town, Fredericksburg, Virginia.

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Drinking lunch on the Blue Ridge

At the Fox Meadow Winery, Linden, Virginia, with our friends Jim Charest and Linda Beville. It may be way up in the mountains, but the winery is not short of neighbors, hidden away in the trees:

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Not much raking lately

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Spectators on the course

Elspeth assures us these are alpacas, not llamas, because of their long ears. Photo by my long-run marathon training partner Leslie Kash, taken on Elk Run Church Road (near the Gray Horse Winery) during our 16-mile out-and-back run from Goldvein … Continue reading

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Dad’s hay rake

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Rappahannock River

Looking first upstream from Belmont, then downstream, 10am October 17, 2015.

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Curtis Lake

From the Curtis Park dam early Sunday morning, Hartwood, Virginia. The Fredericksburg paper had a picture of a swan at this spot in March of 2013. Today I could also see two more on the far side of the lake. … Continue reading

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Thurmont, Maryland

Lunch and a pint of Guinness at the Shamrock Restaurant twice this week, with Sandy, Judy, and Alex. The picture is not of the restaurant, but looking west from behind the restaurant. It’s on US 15 a few miles south … Continue reading

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A detour on the trip to Lynchburg

Stopped here Friday afternoon about 7 miles north of Lovingston hoping to get a few quick snaps of the slabs I’d hoped to find in the Dameron Family Graveyard (on behalf of But as I couldn’t find it, I … Continue reading

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Near Thurmont, Maryland

View today from the Shamrock Restaurant, on Route 15 between Thurmont and Gettysburg, a good place to stop for lunch between Stafford and Harrisburg. Draught Guinness on tap.

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