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A fine spring morning

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Bad weather coming

But magnolias April 6th: Magnolias April 10th: (Their petals were almost all on the ground after the rainfall April 15th.)

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April 12th, 7:14am: April 14th, 8pm, at dusk after a rainy day, with a hint of the redbuds blooming behind:

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The blooms are only at their best for a few days. Fortunately this year, a rainfall and a couple of overnight freezes waited until after they were finished.

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Magnolias finished

We still have one or two left . . .     . . . but after their glorious peak, it’s only a few days until most of the petals look like this:     Still, we shouldn’t shed a … Continue reading

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Magnolias in bloom

Above, 6:30pm Wednesday 14 March 2012. Below a shot in the dark from tree number one, about 6am Saturday 17 March, then again below, tree one about 9am. (About 5:30am, I’d been awakened by an owl of the variety “ooh, … Continue reading

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Northern Magnolias

At home, about 8am Saturday, 9 April 2011, after a cold, drizzy night at the end of a week with both warm and cool days, some strong wind, and at least one brief spell of heavy rain. (Through the winter, … Continue reading

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