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Who me?

Sandy asked, “Who’s eating all the leaves off my cucumber vine?” She also asked, “Who keeps digging holes in my fairy garden?” That’s the Carolina Wren, owner of both the porch and the space under the porch. His call seems … Continue reading

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Jefferson’s kitchen garden in November

(Click the pic to enlarge and enable left/right scrolling.)

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Glimpse of the green bean garden by night

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Frost on the pumpkin

Mid-morning, new year’s eve. Apparently the deer don’t eat dead pumpkin.

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Tomato harvest completed

Columbus Day yesterday, a Monday holiday for the federal government and a few lucky others. We pulled out the tomato plants, pruned the forsythia, and grubbed up three or four heavy bagfuls of wild mushrooms from the new patio garden. … Continue reading

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Tomato Cage

Elspeth designed this tomato cage for Sandy’s birthday, and I helped her and Tim put it up last weekend, though not quite all the chicken wire is up yet, and it still needs a door at the back. Maybe next … Continue reading

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Growing tomatoes

Have you seen the net we put up to keep the humans out of the tomatoes?

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Squirrels don’t steal squash

Here are our very first red tomatoes not stolen by the squirrels. By comparison, Elspeth and Tim have already picked over twenty pounds.

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Black snake down

This poor guy got thoroughly tangled in the plastic net we had put around the tomatoes. I was able to free him after about ten minutes of snipping, but he got in a shot at me before I could get … Continue reading

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Inspecting the quality of the rototilling

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