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From the wildlife camera, Jan-Apr, 2018

26 images, about 10 seconds apart. Click the image to skip the wait. By the way, we’re not actively trying to fence the critters out — only to keep the dog in. We’ve seen adult deer easily jumping that 5′ … Continue reading

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Dad’s kitchen window

Wikipedia article on the American red squirrel

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N American red squirrel at Dad’s

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Wildview camera

Didn’t catch much with the Wildview camera this month, other than myself going to check the camera from time to time. Had been hoping for a fox I’d seen go this way. But just the one squirrel, barely visible, on the … Continue reading

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The 2010 barred owl nesting box

Today’s maintenance report is appended as a comment at the bottom of this page:

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Admiring the daffodils

I was surprised the squirrel would be so bold as to stand still there while I got closer with the camera. Since we lost Cadbury they’ve had no worries, as Roxie generally can’t be bothered to chase them. But yesterday, … Continue reading

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Tomato Cage

Elspeth designed this tomato cage for Sandy’s birthday, and I helped her and Tim put it up last weekend, though not quite all the chicken wire is up yet, and it still needs a door at the back. Maybe next … Continue reading

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Growing tomatoes

Have you seen the net we put up to keep the humans out of the tomatoes?

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Still no luck with the owl box

Still no luck with the owl box, nor with the Wildview camera, really. I removed the second squirrel nest and installed fresh bedding of a few wood chips, leaves, etc. And since the camera had this time failed to get … Continue reading

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Squatters in the owl box

Too windy to put up the ladder today, but maybe tomorrow I’ll again evict the squirrels who have been filling Sandy’s owl box with twigs. (Photographed on maximum zoom with the Kodak Z740, from the front porch, about 200′ from … Continue reading

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