From the wildlife camera, Jan-Apr, 2018

26 images, about 10 seconds apart. Click the image to skip the wait. By the way, we’re not actively trying to fence the critters out — only to keep the dog in. We’ve seen adult deer easily jumping that 5′ fence, but they hardly ever bother, and the squirrels squeeze through those 2″ x 4″ openings. I think the box turtles burrow underneath, but so far this dog hasn’t learned to do that. The vine climbing the fence is the notorious Japanese honeysuckle, branded by the state as a noxious weed. Its flowers are pretty, and they really do smell like honey later in the spring.

Quick, deer

Trying out the new wildlife camera, hoping for a bit better than this, almost 7am on Feb 7th. But three days later about midnight we got these two at the same spot:

One of them got even closer . . .

Made in Scotland

The red cast iron “K6” phone booth outside our Stafford County admin building celebrates Stafford-to-Stafford friendships. Its origin, a product of Kirkintilloch, Scotland, is as a gift  to the county by the Rotary Club, after their member and our late friend Rev Joseph Kerr spotted it in an antique shop in Richmond, 80 miles away. Rotarians in Stafford, UK, helped find parts needed for its renovation. Here are Bruce H’s London “K6” phone booths, borrowed from Facebook: