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From the wildlife camera, Jan-Apr, 2018

26 images, about 10 seconds apart. Click the image to skip the wait. By the way, we’re not actively trying to fence the critters out — only to keep the dog in. We’ve seen adult deer easily jumping that 5′ … Continue reading

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Wildlife camera: deer at back fence

With last year’s leaves of the American beech trees still displayed behind her.

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Quick, deer

Trying out the new wildlife camera, hoping for a bit better than this, almost 7am on Feb 7th. But three days later about midnight we got these two at the same spot: One of them got even closer . . … Continue reading

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Super blue blood moon eclipse

Couldn’t see the January 31st early-morning eclipse from our half of North America, but by bedtime the moon was again dominating our sky. A couple of weeks later I adjusted exposure and other settings in Lightroom, but left the original … Continue reading

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All aboard the Polar Express

Above photos by Elsp/Erin/Sandy/Tim? Below by Elspeth (1 & 3) and Sandy (2). The hot chocolate itself didn’t inspire much enthusiasm but Rhys hung onto the cup for the rest of the journey.

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Cora likes making selfies

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Made in Scotland

The red cast iron “K6” phone booth outside our Stafford County admin building celebrates Stafford-to-Stafford friendships. Its origin, a product of Kirkintilloch, Scotland, is as a gift  to the county by the Rotary Club, after their member and our late … Continue reading

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Precision Paving

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Wildview camera

Didn’t catch much with the Wildview camera this month, other than myself going to check the camera from time to time. Had been hoping for a fox I’d seen go this way. But just the one squirrel, barely visible, on the … Continue reading

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Cora’s watching trains too

After supper at the Chuck Wagon in Nokesville, we went round back to wait for Amtrak train 50, the Cardinal, Chicago to New York. From the app we knew she was thirty minutes late, so we didn’t have to wait too long. Here she comes, breezing … Continue reading

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