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Waiting for spring

The ground’s littered with those prickly seed pods from the sweetgum trees, but the magnolia buds are swelling, and today we spotted our first crocus!

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Willowmere Park

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Eastern redbud

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Bradford Pears

Hadn’t realized the Bradford Pear would get this big. Nor did the city. The cafe is the Recreation Center (opposite Bike Works), where Erin says you get the best chili dog in Fredericksburg. Friend Morgan of Tree Fredericksburg says they … Continue reading

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Owen’s prickly

After the blizzard, the American sweetgum trees dropped a lot of these seed pods on top of the snow. Owen called my attention to one of them as we walked down the driveway to the mailbox the other day. The … Continue reading

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Back to that lonesome pine…

… which I noticed in a new light around 3pm today.

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Virginia Pine

Our Virginia Pines are being crowded out by the oaks.

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Tulip Poplar

We have so many tall oaks we sometimes think all our tall trees are oaks. But among our treetops at this time of year, the tulip poplars are easy to spot. My wild guess is that this one may be … Continue reading

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Found some leaves

Dylan. Photo by Erin and Sheara on Facebook.

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